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Did you know that numerous celebrities have used Hypnosis ?

Famous people have used hypnosis for mental preparation, to increase creativity and for treatment of different conditions, for overcoming depression, fears, addictions, stress and so on.

Actor Sylvester Stallone used Hypnosis for self- motivation to have the courage to submit his "Rocky" scriptto a famous Hollywood producer; and while on location he "would lie down and listen to a specially made Subconscious Motivation tape

Ellen Degeneres quit smoking using Hypnosislive, on"Ellen Show".  

Kevin Costner flew his personal Hypnotist to Hawaii to cure his sea sickness during the making of the film "Waterworld."

Matt Damon quit a 16 year smoking habit after three sessions of Hypnosis. In a conversation with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" he declared"It worked, I swear to God it worked.  It was the greatest decision I ever made in my life." Watch Matt's video

Drew Barrymore has used Hypnosis to quit smoking.

has used Hypnosis to deal with stress.



Anthony Hopkins has used Hypnosis to quit smoking.

Aaron Eckhart changed his life forever after he used Hypnosisto give up smoking and alcohol. 

Britney Spears has used Hypnosis to quit smoking.

Jackie Kennedy-Onassis used Hypnotherapy to releasethe grief after the tragic events in her life.

Winona Ryder has used Hypnosis to quit smoking.

Anthony LaPaglia, has used Hypnosis to quit smoking

Martha Stewart used hypnosis to stop her nightmaresafter her release from jail

Ewan McGregor has used Hypnosis to quit smoking

Billy Joelhas used Hypnosis to quit smoking.

Mark Knopfler has used Hypnosis to quit smoking.

Daryl Hannah 
has used NLP and Hypnosis to cure her stage fright.

The composer Frederick Chopin (1810-1849) and the German poet and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) had a great interest in Hypnosis.They took classes of Hypnosis at the University of Strasbourg.

British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) used to repeat words as a mantra, to get him into a trance state where he would get inspiration to compose this poems.

The Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943) used Hypnosis sessions with hypnotist Nicolai Dahl to help him with composer's block. After three months of sessions, he was able to compose his Piano Concerto no.2 which he dedicated to his hypnotist.

One of my client said:

I have struggled with my weight my entire life.  In adulthood I have ranged between size 2 and 18. When I reached my peak weight I knew something had to change, but I just couldn't motivate myself to diet and exercise.  I saw Andy's ad in a clipper magazine and thought, "why not try hypnotherapy it can't hurt?" Well, it didn't hurt, it helped a lot.  With Andy's technique, diet and support I have lost 45 pounds toward my 70 pound goal.  Andy partnered with me, helped me commit to eating healthy and regular exercise and the results are clear.  During my sessions with Andy, prior to the hypnosis, we talked a lot about eating habits, goals, and what I was willing to commit to.  During hypnosis, Andy reinforced everything we discussed engraining those commitments in to my subconscious. The sessions are very calm and relaxing and I remembered everything (don't worry, you aren't put to sleep or made to do anything you do not want to do).  Andy is not only committed to my success during the sessions, throughout the time between sessions Andy sends text messages reinforcing positive behaviors like drinking more water, eating vegetables and exercising more.  The reinforcement and accountability really helped me to stay on track.  In short, if you want to lose weight, but have trouble motivating yourself to do what you need to (diet and exercise), see Andy!

Jennny S. 6/22/2013

What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness during which the subconscious mind is more open and receptive to suggestions given. The subconscious mind governs the autonomic nervous system, it is the seat of the imagination and where all our memories are stored. Hypnosis can be used to bring about the changes that you want in your life - but that are difficult to implement on a conscious level. During hypnosis you can not be made to say or do anything you don't want to do, and if you were given suggestions to do something against your own moral convictions you would simply come out of hypnosis. The word hypnosis comes from the Greek word hypnos, meaning sleep. It was first known as neurypnology by an English surgeon called James Braid (1795-1860) who became immensely interested in mesmeric trances but did not want his research to be associated with mesmerism. He subsequently discovered that eye-fixation created a condition that could cure functional disorders that were incurable by ordinary remedies. Braid would induce trance by holding a bright object in his left hand at approximately 8 - 15 inches away from the eyes and above the forehead, in order to induce eye strain. When the pupils were dilated he would slowly move his fingers towards the eyes until they automatically closed and would continue to produce arm catalepsy. Nowadays the more traditional method of hypnotizing a subject is to gently talk them through a progressive state of physical relaxation, followed by a deepening of the trance state and suggestions. Most clinical subjects (as opposed to stage hypnosis volunteers) will remain in a perfectly still position throughout the trance; there may be fluttering of the eyelids, arm or finger levitation, a pronounced feeling of heaviness or floatiness and a degree of mental imagery. Hypnotized people hear every word that is said and generally their hearing and sense of smell is greatly enhanced as they are actually in a heightened state of awareness. Most will remember all that has occurred throughout the session, but a small percentage of people will relax so deeply that they are unable to remember a thing afterwards. Hypnosis has no side effects apart from the beneficial ones of feeling more relaxed and changes that have been suggested during hypnosis begin to take place either immediately or shortly afterwards. Some people may have a delayed reaction which means that any suggestions given could take a few hours to process.

Hypnosis is not sleep.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind.

You have experienced a form of hypnosis if you :

    have daydreamed:

    missed and exit on the freeway of expressway:

    cried because you were watching a movie:

    have become frightened while reading.

The hypnotist can not control you.

You cannot get stuck in hypnosis.

No one has ever been hurt by hypnosis.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

The worse thing that can happen is that they could go to sleep and not go into hypnosis.

My powerful session of Hypnotherapy can help you fast and effective.

What do you want to achieve, stop smoking, stop drinking, lose weight, gain weight, phobia, procrasination, stress, depression, fear of public speaking, want to improve sex life, have better quality of life, create success for your business, set new goal, take action to achieve your goal, change unwant habits, I can help you.

Hypnosis make your feel safe, deep relax, feel good, You can hear my voice the whole time, you are the one who control the session, you will not do anything against your will at all. You will not tell me your secret. You will not black out, you will feel alert the whole time with the feeling of calm and peace in a deep relax zone.

I really can help you make change that you need.

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