Some testimonials from 1,000 of my happy clients 

Jenny : Lost 20 pounds in two months and 45 pound in four months and keep losing fat and gain more muscles.
I have struggled with my weight my entire life.  In adulthood I have ranged between size 2 and 18. When I reached my peak weight I knew something had to change, but I just couldn't motivate myself to diet and exercise.  I saw Andy's ad in a clipper magazine and thought, "why not try hypnotherapy it can't hurt?" Well, it didn't hurt, it helped a lot.  With Andy's technique, diet and support I have lost 45 pounds toward my 70 pound goal.  Andy partnered with me, helped me commit to eating healthy and regular exercise and the results are clear.  During my sessions with Andy, prior to the hypnosis, we talked a lot about eating habits, goals, and what I was willing to commit to.  During hypnosis, Andy reinforced everything we discussed engraining those commitments in to my subconscious. The sessions are very calm and relaxing and I remembered everything (don't worry, you aren't put to sleep or made to do anything you do not want to do).  Andy is not only committed to my success during the sessions, throughout the time between sessions Andy sends text messages reinforcing positive behaviors like drinking more water, eating vegetables and exercising more.  The reinforcement and accountability really helped me to stay on track.  In short, if you want to lose weight, but have trouble motivating yourself to do what you need to (diet and exercise), see Andy!
Jenny S.  June 22
lynne dean reviewed a month ago
Quality 3 / 3
Andy at Balanced Life has been my massage therapist for quite some time. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else because he has totally changed my life in so many ways - physically, mentally and spiritually. I say physically because he has done so much to ease the pain of my arthritis; mentally because with his hypnosis therapy I was able to overcome some painful episodes in my life, which gave me peace and the ability to forgive; and spiritually because of his kind, gentle nature and holistic outlook on life he can always lift my spirits when I'm feeling down. That's how good Andy is and that is how he treats all his clients. He's one of a kind.
stacy miller reviewed 4 weeks ago
Quality 3 / 3
Hypnotized by Andy is totally change my life. Now I have strong relationship with my husband and kids, I loss my weight 25 pounds so far, exercise daily and eat right. Thank you so much for your amazing work Andy.
A Google User reviewed 2 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
Andy is a gem... as an individual, an expert massage therapist and life coach. I went to him with quite a bad leg injury which he greatly improved. He also helped balance the rest of my body which had suffered due to putting too much weight on the good leg for months. Through this process I discovered that he has a gift for perception and caring .... and a clear and simple, yet profound, way of imparting thoughts to improve my approach to life. As a result I am now living with less emotional stress and the overall quality of my life has improved. I highly recommend Andy!
A Google User reviewed 3 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
I really love Andy's hypnosis session, he is so kind and warm person. I feel very comfortable and trust him right away when I meet him. My problems are procrastination, cursing, obesity, low self esteem, no energy, after first session with him I get stronger and feel like I have goal in life and feel like a new person, So far has been two weeks I have change in many ways and feel great, will back to see him again this week. Great hypnosis session and worth money.
A Google User reviewed 4 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
I was having back spasms and receiving expensive cortisone shots for relief when a friend of mine told me about Andy at Balanced Life Massage in Carlsbad . She told me how much Andy had helped with her back and hip pain, but I was concerned about how much it would cost, because she referred to him as a Massage Therapist. I thought a Massage Therapist would cost a lot of money, but to my surprise, it was a lot less than those cortisone shots I was paying for. Having gone to a Chiropractor for so many years, I wasn't sure what to expect from a Massage Therapist, but I was quite impressed by Andy's calming nature as he asked me questions and told me how he could help relieve my back pain, but I was still just a little bit skeptical. I had been in pain for such a long time and thought only the cortisone shots would bring relief. Andy does a deep tissue massage, which can be a little painful at times, but believe me it was so worth it once I got up from the table. He would ask me from time to time to let him know if he was pressing too hard, but it never got to that point. As I got up from the table, he asked me to walk around a bit to see how it felt and I was stunned to realize my back was not hurting! I was so giddy I was laughing like a little school girl! No pain! …And oh, yeah. I'm going back to Andy again and again and if you want to find someone who can make you pain free at a reasonable price, Andy is your man at Balanced Life in Carlsbad . - Louise
A Google User reviewed 4 months ago
Overall 3 / 3
Have you ever been to one of those chain massage places where after your massage you are inundated with a sales pitch to buy a membership? There goes that relaxing massage you just had! It seemed so impersonal and clinical to me. I wanted someone who took an interest in my well being not in purchasing a membership, and found that person at Balanced Life by Andy in Carlsbad. This place is not fancy, like some commercial massage places. It's located in a Tri- Wellness building. Andy's massage room is rather small, but very cozy and warm - just the right size to have a quiet discussion about your health and well being. He makes you feel comfortable right away and is truly dedicated to helping you feel better. Andy is one of those rare people who instinctively knows what your body needs. Not only is he the best Massage Therapist I've ever been to, he is also a Life Coach and a Clinical Nutritionist. When I first went to Andy I was having a problem with yeast infections. After taking his advice and suggestions about what to do and what to eat to help clear up the yeast infection, I am pleased to say I have not had a flare up in a long, long time. What a relief that has been! As a Life Coach, Andy has also been a life saver in helping me work through some emotional periods in my life and I feel I have not only found a great massage therapist, I have also found a great friend. You will, too! Believe me. Dorothy C.

Kim W.

Only one Hypnosis session with Andy I can stop smoking right away after finish session. My mind is so clear that why I should not back to smoke again and smell like an ashtray after 15 years of this bad habit. I love his work and feel so safe and comfortable with Andy the whole session.

Hiedi K.   

I first encountered Andy when he was working at a local massage therapy spa/clinic. I made a point of always requesting him as my massage therapist. I was so disappointed when I found out that he left that I tracked him down and was happy to find out that he started his own business.

Technique: As far as technique, Andy really understands the body. At the first session, he talks to you to find out where your problem areas are for tension and stress. It is important to be forthcoming and upfront with him about what hurts etc. During the massage, he is able to concentrate on the zones and never hesitates to explain the muscles, nerves etc that are involved. I like that when I ask him questions about how to improve certain chronic problems I have, he volunteers advice. Other times when I need a relaxing quiet massage, and I don't ask, I have that. He has very strong pressure, i.e., deep tissue.

Approach: Andy has a holistic approach to mind and body healing. For example, if I have a pain in my hand, it may be stemming from the tightness in my shoulder or migraines may be related to emotional stress. Personally I like that approach much better than the "can you massage here" robotic approach of getting a massage at some factory-like places.

Price: He has very affordable rates. Introductory prices are good and then the package deals are awesome. Once I knew I was happy with him, I bought the package. I think it's a great value so much so that I rarely get massages anywhere, even on vacation, anymore.

Responsive: As an added convenience, Andy is very responsive. I have had one or two times when I have thrown out my back/neck or had a borderline 'emergency' when I could not wait long to see him. I sent him a text and asked when was the soonest he could fit me in, and he would reply right away with his soonest available, and I could tell he accommodated me.

I have been seeing Andy regularly and my back/neck/shoulders and general well-being have improved. My only regret is that I don't make the time to go more often.

Number 1 massage‎‎
By Joyce 
Andy is a great massage therapist, not only does he tailor each session specifically to your problem areas, he also provides healthy living tips to alleviate neck, shoulder pain. He is dedicated to helping you feel better and I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for above and beyond the average massage experience.‎ 

Holly P.
I was referred to Andy by a friend, when it seemed I could not get rid of my chronic tension in my shoulders. I work a lot, and seem to hold all my tension in my shoulder and neck area. While I have had weekly “deep tissue” massages for years, nothing seemed to truly relieve the knots in my shoulders and neck. I started seeing Andy 1-2 times a week, and have noticed a significant difference in the tightness of my shoulders and neck. Andy also suggested that I may have a parasite, in which I did a parasite cleanse – this too helped tremendously! Andy is a massage therapist I will continue to see for years to come. He is not only AMAZING at his medical massage, but also knows the body so well, that he can suggest other areas you may need to be giving attention to. He also offers great massage packages, for clients like me, who need A LOT of work done!

g w.
Carlsbad, CA 

Andy is very instrumental in my recovery from back surgery. His exceptional therapeutic massage techniques have helped me to regain flexibility making it possible for me to start going to the gym again. He is extremely beneficial in managing back pain and restoring one’s energy. I recommend him without hesitation to anyone experiencing back and neck issues. Also, I recommend him to anyone in great health as a splendid method of providing stress relief and promoting well being. Call Any and you will not be disappointed.

After Prednisone, chiropractic work, and extended physical therapy work…..I finally found some relief! Andy’s thorough understanding of the body and its systems and layout allowed him to explain what was going on in my leg. He has guided me through issues of proper diet, exercise and being more in touch with my genuine self. This is his art, and he is dedicated. m.‎

Best Massage Healing Hands Road to Good…‎‎
By normanpinto
Because of my height and life stress I have suffered from poor posture, neck pain, shoulder and low back pain. I have been to a dozen different massage therapists and about 6 different chiropractors over the last 10 years and Andy is the person who has helped me the most. He is simply the best. Do yourself a favor and go see Andy for your aches and pains and he will heal you! His rates are very low considering the quick healing benefit. I would gladly pay double his fees just to get his medical care.‎

He has got the magic hands.‎‎
By Battle
This guy is good, I mean really good. My heel was so inflamed that I could not even walk on it. After one session its 90% better. This guy really knows his stuff.‎

Massage Above and Beyond‎‎

By Hevvydj
Andy is the best! I’ve had several sports and healing massages with him, and his work is always focused and excellent. He starts by asking how you’re feeling in your body, and then really listens. He especially knows how to relieve pain or tension in the neck, back, shoulders and abdomen. Andy influenced me to learn a lot more about the pelvic muscles and their relationship to pain, digestive issues, incontinence, etc. (He told me about a great book on pelvic muscular health that I now recommend to my personal training clients.) You can’t get a better massage for your money!‎

Amazing Transformation Bodywork‎‎
By Mary
Andy, I wanted to thank you for your healing and the help with my pain, helping me to understand the pain and how I can relieve it. Also very important, thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping me understand the truths about being who I am, I have been practising and it has absolutely made a difference! Peace to you and blessings, Mary‎

Andy is the best medical massage therapist‎‎
By Carol
I just recently started getting massages by Andy. I have had (2) and he is absolutely fabulous. I have had severe back pain since Jan 2010 taking many pain medications, therapy, chiropractic services not to mention massages by the chiropractic’s massage therapists with absolutely no relief. I actually started acupuncture in early July 2010and it seemed to be helping a little. In meantime I saw Andy’s Ad in a community guide. I thought it sounded interesting. It was the best thing I could have done. First visit I had immediate relief. I have since returned and have scheduled myself for many more. Aside from my back issues he has even worked on a frozen shoulder i have from rotator cuff surgery I had a year ago. I never did get full range of motion with my arm after surgery and he has relieved a good percentage of that problem also in one visit…amazing !! I am sleeping through the night and completely off the pain medications….Carol‎

Great massage‎‎ with good guy
By Cynthia 
andy is so good and what a cutie he has hepled me so much with my pain and relaxation‎

Highly skilled massage with powerful results‎‎
By matt
Andy is not your average deep tissue massage practitioner. He offers what he terms “medical massage” which deals with structural integration (rolfing), posture correction, spine and hip adjustment, lower back and upper back issues, etc. Amazingly, so few western practitioners really understand the deeper levels of the physical body. But Andy is from Thailand, the home of massage! Yet his is not the traditional Thai style. It’s actually much more powerful in that it encompasses the whole being and works on many levels. For the first session, he will briefly ask you some questions about your body, look at your posture, and then begin. He plays calming music throughout, and his methods are infused with loving care and a special touch. He offers a generous first time discount so you can experience his techniques on a budget. Andy is a big secret in San Diego. Highly recommended 

As a former weekend athlete, carpal tunnel sufferer, and current all day PC user, I’ve had my share of achy muscles and more than my share disappointing massages.
Andy is one of the best therapists I’ve had. Regular treatments with him have managed to relieve tension and make me feel better than I have in years. 

I have had many massages , in fine resorts including The Four Seasons, Carlsbad, and the spa in Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico which I visited for seven years in a row. I have never encountered any single therapist who can compare to Andy..He has healed and rejuvinated my body to a miraculous degree! I cannot thank him enough for his dedication and his perfect touch! Evo 

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